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Can you relate? (Sisyphus by Titian)

Can you relate? (Sisyphus, 1848-49, Titian)

Since when did art educators become non-profits needing to go out to troll for funding, or at the least justify, their existence? Our field rests on the very foundation of human history. We wrote …  and then we did art. (Someone more knowledgeable than me could probably argue that we did art and then we wrote.)

It is sad that a page such as this needs to exist, right? (Ok, maybe ‘need’ is a little strong.)

BUT, what is nice about being the underdog is that it gets people thinking (creatively, of course) about the importance of art and art education. Below is a listing of articles that I have found that inspire me and nourish my desire to teach what I do even when I’m having a bad day and I can sympathize with poor Sisyphus.

Articles of Interest

From 2016

  1. The Future of Arts Education is a Thirteen-Year-Old Boy at the Podium (September 14)
  2. Forget the SAT, This New Standardized Test Measures Artistic Ability (August 22)
  3. Arts Critical to STEM Learning Says Secretary of Education (May 9)
  4. Is Art Education Running Out of Steam? (February 16)

From 2015

  1. Rediscovering the Forgotten Benefits of Drawing (September 15)
  2. Why Americas obsession with STEM education is dangerous (March 26)
  3. How Arts Education Fuels the Creative Economy (March 6)
  4. Arts Education Poised for Comeback in Nation’s Largest School Districts (March 4)
  5. How Learning Artistic Skills Alters the Brain (February 11)

From 2014

  1. Science Shows Art Can Do Incredible Things for Your Mind and Body (December 15)
  2. Arts Education Matters: We Know, We Measured It (December 2)
  3. Is De-skilling Killing Your Arts Education? (July 30)
  4. There is No Education Without the Arts (June 28)
  5. 10 Reasons Why Arts in Education is So Important for Kids (February 24)


  1. Download Over 250 Free Art Books From the Getty Museum

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