Thanksgiving: A Time for Gratitude and Reflecting on Well-Spent Time.Life gets busy. My own experience tells me how easily I allow so-called ‘important’ things creep into my life and steal my time. Today is Thanksgiving Day, our national celebration of family, friendship and togetherness (not to mention after-dinner naps).

Well, it can be easy to forget to be thankful on many days, even those honoring virtues such as gratitude! So, when I awoke this morning, I decided to write down a simple list of ten things for which I’m most thankful, a sort start to my own One-Thousand Gifts. Each day this weekend, I’m going to make it a requirement that everyone in my house writes down three things they are thankful for before bedtime.

My “Thankful” List

10. A job that provides

9. A body that hasn’t given up on me

8. A transformational Church

7. The changing Seasons

6. The inspirational nature of books

5. The healing power of food

4. A creative daughter

3. An “always-something-in-the-works” son

2. A loving, dedicated wife

1. A forgiving God and His unstoppable Gospel

Well-Spent Time

So, what would your list look like? Regardless if you decide to make your own list or not, make it a top priority to express your gratitude to those in your life. Consider it time well spent.

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