Create Your Own Snowflake…Online

Create your own snowflake with this fun online application.

Although Winter doesn’t officially begin until December 21st this year, I thought I would start off the holiday season with some fun for the whole family.

Create a Snowflake is an online activity for kids and adults. It has a couple of wonderful little features. You may initially think that the animated snowflakes falling are simply pre-generated images; however, they are in fact created by visitors to the site. Click on one and you will discover the name and date it was created.

The real magic, though, happens when you create your own snowflake. This highly imaginative part of the site recreates the act of cutting out paper snowflakes. It happens in real-time with a very convenient preview so you can see what each of your ‘cuts’ does to your ‘paper.’

Fun for anytime of the year, but hopefully more magical now as a sneak peek into Winter!

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