Art Fun Online

Enjoy these fun online resources with your kids or by yourself, there’s no age limit!

Color in Motion

art_fun_color_in_motionThe brain child of Maria Claudia Cortes, Color in Motion is a highly interactive website with three sections: The Stars, The Movies, and The Lab. Each offers entertaining information about, you guessed it, color! (Oh, when you visit The Stars be certain to click on the FOLDERS of the characters. It was a nuanced part of the navigation that I didn’t get at first.)

Create a Snowflake

art_fun_create_a_snowflakeCreate a Snowflake has a couple of wonderful little features. You may initially think that the animated snowflakes falling are simply pre-generated images; however, they are in fact created by visitors to the site. Click on one and you will discover the name and date it was created.

The real magic, though, happens when you create your own snowflake. This highly imaginative part of the site recreates the act of cutting out paper snowflakes. It happens in real-time with a very convenient preview so you can see what each of your ‘cuts’ does to your ‘paper.’ Fun for anytime of the year!

Create a Dragon


I had so much fun at Create a Dragon! Both my son and my daughter enjoyed this Flash-based, dragon-making site. This tool offers nearly endless varieties of options for your personal dragon. You select from the menu at the top left for options such as face, body, and wings. A submenu will appear under the color swatches for additional modifications. Very cool!

I kept mine rather simple (above). Blacklnk, the mind behind Create a Dragon, has a gallery on Deviant Art of what others have done with their creations. Parents and teachers, be mindful, Deviant Art is an online showcase of fantasy artist’s work. Some of it may be considered provocative.


art_fun_picassoheadAround since 1999, this perennial favorite showcases the style of Pablo Picasso. Picassohead allows visitors to the site to create their own masterpiece “in the manner of” Picasso. Conceptualized by Michael Schubert, this digital tool uses features of Picasso’s own work and allows you to arrange and color your work accordingly.


art_fun_getty_gamesGettyGames is part of an art education outreach offered by the Getty Museum, one of four programs of The J. Paul Getty Trust. This gaming site uses artwork from the Getty as an interactive tool for learning about art. Detail Detective, Match Madness, Switch, Jigsaw Puzzles, and Make Art at Home are the five gaming options available.



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