The Supply Closet

I periodically get questions about the supplies I use. I am always up for trying new things. I started out teaching high school and was often able to get higher quality materials for my students. As I’m still working out what works well with the younger grades (and dealing with purchasing for 480 students!), I have decided to start documenting some of the supply choices I have made. I’m not going to pull punches. You will find supplies listed that I like and those that I do not.

Please contribute to my list! I would love to hear what you use in your classroom.


Sargent: Art Time Watercolor Paints

Ouch! I wanted to like this set, but the colors proved very difficult for my students to manage. When they added water, the colors quickly became too watery. I’m finding that for many students if the color is too watery they simply add more water. Yikes! That, of course, complicates matters because they end up using a lot of paint to get their desired results. Since I have a classroom pack of these sets (and replacement inserts), I make sure I spend extra time explaining to my students how to get deeper color using this paint. Although the brushes are super cheap, are these paints that horrible? No. But, when they run out I will be looking to try something else.

Vendor: SAX School Specialty
Item: 1329859
Product Grade: B-


Scotch Removable Mounting Putty

A great product for classroom or home. While not perfect, it does a good all around job on many different surfaces. That fact alone is worth trying it out. From masonry walls, brick or drywall, teachers often struggle with how to mount posters for in-class displays. Making sure you use enough depending the size of yo and warm it up through massaging it with your fingers, Scotch Removable Mounting Putty was a life saver for the 2014-15 school year.

Vendor: SAX School Specialty (also locally available at Target or A.C. Moore)
Item: 079043
Product Grade: A

Mavalus Tape

Touted as the ‘ultimate adhesive mounting solution,’ I found Mavalus Tape to be disappointing. I learned about this product after being home sick and seeing a home show where the reviewer raved about it after giving it to her daughter to use in her college dorm. Sadly, I did not feel it lived up to its reputation.

Vendor: Dick Blick
Item: 12766-7031
Product Grade: D

More product listings coming soon!



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