Christ in Art

rubens_christ_risenOn this beautiful day when Christians celebrate the resurrection of their Savior, I’d like to recommend you take a moment and enjoy a few of the wonderful works of art that have been created commemorating this event.

The artwork at left is by Peter Paul Rubens, a Flemish Baroque painter. The piece is linked to the numerous scriptures related to Jesus’ resurrection.

In this painting, Christ Risen, Jesus has just risen from the grave, a common theme in Christian art. Symbols for death and sin, such as the skull and snake are missing from this painting. Other artists include those as a visual didactic regarding Christ’s overcoming of both death and sin. The fact that neither of these is included here is not uncommon for Rubens. Angels on the left seem to be either removing Christ’s crown of thorns or are preparing to impart another crown upon him.

The Baroque style is apparent here with the dramatic light forming a strong diagonal across the painting.

For those with an interest in Biblical studies, I found this article harmonizing the resurrection accounts to be an interesting read. Of course, there are also many book-length investigations into this Christian holiday.



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