Blessings (Vignette 1)


I decided to start a new series of posts called Blessings. Teaching is rough profession. Many outside the profession like to give lip service to that thought, but the statistics for teachers leaving the profession within the first five years is clear evidence that many things converge in this profession that make it challenging in a unique way.

I can certainly fall into that mindset as well. Difficult administration, grumbling colleagues, challenging students, and demanding parents can make days long and arduous. It can steal your sense of Wonder. 

To combat this seemingly ever-present and warping pressure of ungratefulness, I have decided to look at each day for opportunities to be blessed by the words and actions of those around me. In many ways, I am longing to regain that sense of wonder and personal discovery that God brings to the foreground of our experience when we slow down.

Blessing Today

Latiya: “Mr. Phillips?” (Gives me a quick hug.)

Me: “Yes, Latiya?”

Latiya: “You always smell good.”

Me: “Why, thank you!”

Latiya: “You’re welcome.”

Two days later while in lunch duty, I am answering questions with three kids around me. Suddenly, I receive a quick hug from behind.

Latiya: “Yup, still smell good.”

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