Christ the Lord is Risen Today

Easter Morning by He Qi

Easter Morning by He Qi

Easter is the most sacred Holiday in the Christian calendar. Today, Christians around the World celebrate the resurrection of their Savior. For Believers and art-lovers, I’d like to recommend you all take a moment and enjoy a few of the wonderful works of art that have been created commemorating this event.

The artwork at left is by He Qi, a modernist painter of religious themes. The artwork is linked to numerous scriptures related to Jesus’ resurrection. In this painting, Easter Morning,

A triumphant angel announces that Christ has risen, conquering the demons of darkness who now flee from him. The women have not yet woken properly, and seem unaware of what has happened. They still mourn, but the angel is telling them that the time for grief is over. Instead of the unfurled military-style banner often held by Christ in earlier paintings, He Qi’s angel carries a luminous lily, sign of purity and peace.

Influences from Picasso and Matisse are apparent in Qi’s dynamic and colorful, modern style.

For those with an interest in Biblical studies, I found this article harmonizing the resurrection accounts to be an interesting read. Of course, there are also many book-length investigations into this Christian holiday.


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