Questions About Art Lessons for Your Kids? ANSWERED!


Answering Your Questions and Concerns

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list. Therefore, should you have questions or concerns that are not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact me.

How much do lessons cost?

This is usually one of the first questions that arises, and understandably so. My classes are competitively priced and include all supplies used during instruction.

Group Generally $11 per class but can vary on duration and length of individual class.* Included
Private $25 per one-hour class Included

* Full payment is due at the beginning of the first lesson.
NOTE: There is a $15 cancellation fee for private lessons. Cancellations due to illness will be rescheduled.

My child has NO talent! Will they benefit from lessons?

Art lessons are about cultivating a love of making art and nurturing a growing understanding of oneself. It’s my job to help my students to set reasonable goals and work towards achieving them! ‘Having no talent’ is a false perception that holds people back from developing talent. All people can grow in their understanding and application of artistic principles.

My kid likes sports, not art. Should I bother?

I have had experience with students at both the high school and elementary levels where sports was their passion, not visual art. My own son tells me this! Regardless, I think all kids benefit from some formal training in the arts. After all, you never know if a child will become a lover of the arts after exposure to certain media or concepts. (Professional artists started careers like this!)

That said, if you, as the parent, would like your sport-loving son or daughter to take a class with me, I would recommend one of the camps I offer. These are short-term, usually an hour-and-a-half session for 3-4 weeks. Contact me today, and I can add you to my email list so you will be alerted about upcoming camps.

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How will art lessons help my child?

The Arts have been shown to provide a host of social, emotional, and educational benefits. Here are a few resources for you to consider:

Unfortunately, I feel the arts are too often made secondary to other academic classes. Therefore, when parents come to me during parent-teacher conferences or Back-to-School Night, I make sure to mention to them that my class introduces children to skills and media that they can use and explore throughout their life whether they choose to develop them into a career or lifelong hobby.

What do I do? My child likes art, but is very shy and unsure about starting something new.

That is completely understandable! Here are some suggestions:

  • Classmates make all the difference. Why not find two or more friends who would like to participate in a group class with your son or daughter? Groups can be as small as three students, but no larger than eight children. We’ll have a blast together and your child will have the comfort of having friends to make the experience doubly memorable! Group classes run in 8-week sessions and cost $96 (that’s just $12 per class!).
  • Tell your child that you will be in the same room during the lesson because my in-home studio space has a seating area just for parents. So, you will be visible at all times! Free wi-fi access is provided for your convenience, too.

I’m not comfortable leaving my child with a stranger.

As a parent, I am highly sympathetic to this concern. However, my in-home studio space has a seating area for parents (with complimentary wi-fi). Therefore, it is not required that you leave while your child participates in his/her lesson. Bring your Kindle, iPad, or favorite book and sit back and relax.

As you become more comfortable with the instructional setup and would like to run an errand during your child’s lesson, Walmart, Acme, and The Deptford Mall are within easy travel distance.

Do you host Painting Parties?

I like small groups where I can give my students the attention they deserve. That is the primary reason I teach my classes in my in-home studio space. This space does not allow me to host large-scale events like painting parties.

Additionally, I prefer to teach in such a way that there is growth over a period of time. That is not the goal of a painting party. If you, as an adult, would like to take lessons with me, I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

New to The Poetry of Seeing?

Not interested in a signing your child up for a class today? No problem! Stay in touch using one of the methods below and receive updates when other opportunities arrive.



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