Art Classes Starting at The Poetry of Seeing


Does the Shoe Fit?

Do you live in the Woodbury, NJ area? Do any of these scenarios fit you?

  • My child’s school eliminated the art program
  • My child enjoys art, but does not get enough of it at school
  • My child is homeschooled and I want him/her to have experience with a professional art educator
  • My child would like to devote more time to learning specific art materials

If you answered “Yes!” to any of these (or thought of another reason), then WELCOME!

What to Expect

I look to where my students are with their (existing) art skills and together we develop achievable goals. The work we do together can be skill- or material-based. For those who would like to just show up and do something that I have developed, that’s fine too! There is no pressure because, either way, students will be learning about art history, materials, and skills.

Group Lessons vs. Private Lessons

Group Lessons

For group lessons involving 3-8 children, I develop a project (in isolation or based on a theme) that allows everyone to have fun and be successful. Depending on the length and number of lessons, there could be multiple projects done during the time. Sessions vary in length from 4 weeks to 8 weeks.


Group lessons serve 3-8 children and cost $88 per child for 8, one-hour sessions (or, $11 per class). All supplies are included. (Early registration includes a 10% discount! Learn when early registration starts by signing up for email updates.)

Questions about art lessons? Find answers to your questions here!

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Schedule your child and some friends for a group art lesson at The Poetry of Seeing in Woodbury, NJPrivate Lessons

Private lessons are reserved for children with specific goals or needs. This usually means they would like to have time focusing on a particular skill (e.g., drawing) or with a particular medium (e.g., watercolors). Private lessons are also wonderful opportunities for kids who do not prefer large groups. Private lessons can be teacher-directed or open-ended to allow for flexibility since lessons can build upon previously learned skills.


Private lessons cost $20 per hour. Supplies are included except when specialty supplies are required for unique learning goals (e.g., oil paints). Lessons are usually scheduled in one-hour blocks of time, but arrangements can be made for longer periods. Private lessons are paid for at the first of the month. They can continue for as long as your child finds them beneficial. We will work out goals together once classes begin.

Schedule your child for private art lessons at The Poetry of Seeing in Woodbury, NJ

Art Classes and The Poetry of Seeing

“The aim of art education in the public schools is not to make more professional artists but to teach people to live happier, fuller lives; to extract more out of their experience, whatever that experience may be.” — Grant Wood (1891-1942)

Stay in Touch

Even if your children are not ready to attend a class or take private lessons, I would love for the opportunity for you to keep updated on all of the fun at The Poetry of Seeing!



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