Not So Mavalus


Before purchasing Scotch Removable Mounting Putty on my own, I had tried a few different options. One was Mavalus Tape. I had seen Mavalus Tape in a catalog and had read some positive things about it online; however, my experience with it did not live up to my expectations. Frankly, I was annoyed by its poor performance (and the fact I purchased quite a bit in my budget since I was getting my own room and no longer on a cart).


Far from being “the ultimate adhesive mounting solution,” I was horribly disappointed that my items fell off the wall rather quickly. I even tried different methods of attaching (not just the one they recommend). As I researched some more, I found others were having similar problems as me. The video posted—as well as others posted on YouTube—were posted 2-6 years ago. Some of the reviews I read speculated the company may have changed their formula for the adhesive and it no longer is as strong as before. Others commented that they thought their tape was old which affected the adhesion. Who knows. Plus, I am not willing to make the time to inquire about their formula or shelf life of their product. I would think they would strive to make things better, not worse and that their tape would last for a considerable length of time.

A Fair Shake

In all fairness, I tried the tape on multiple surfaces hoping one would work for me. I also made sure I tried it on laminated and unlaminated surfaces. Sadly, the only surface I could get it to stick to well was a horizontal one—my art tables. I presently use what I have left to adhere the edges of my craft paper to my tables when the day promises lots of painting. It works well. Unfortunately, this is an expensive application that also does not go far because the rolls of tape I have are not particularly large. On a positive note, Mavalus Tape leaves no residue on my tables unlike masking tape. So, kudos Mavalus Tape!

So, purchase Mavalus Tape at your own risk. Perhaps you will have a better result than me. Personally, I would say to try Scotch Removable Mounting Putty as an alternative solution.

Final Grade: D

Have you used Mavalus Tape? Did you have a different experience?


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