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The Poetry of Seeing offers art lesson ideas and inspiration, as well as thoughts on art education, product reviews, classroom organization, and more! As a companion to this website, The Poetry of Seeing has launched a Facebook Page. Please take a moment now and visit While there, show your support for me and the Arts:

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Why Follow The Poetry of Seeing?

So, why should I follow you on Facebook (or sign up on your blog)?! Well, The Poetry of Seeing has four ideas or core components driving its brand:

For Art Teachers (and Art Curiositists)

tPoS_badges_art_ed_infoAn art teacher writing to other art teachers is a given. Yes, The Poetry of Seeing is for Visual Art Educators.

But, Art Curiositist? Is that even a word?! No, it’s not. It is what I call many who will visit my blog or Facebook Page: people who have a limited understanding and/or interest in art, but are curious. In fact, they’re curious about many things. They just need a friend to give them the ‘low down.’ Therefore… Welcome, friend!

Oh, and let me just say that you are never too old to learn something about art. I’m a teacher but also an art advocate! Besides religion, art is the one quality unique to humanity; no other creature on this Earth creates art.

So, you’re not an art teacher, eh? That’s okay! Maybe I’ll start a Facebook group just for you. Keep an eye out (but, first, go ‘Like’ my Page so you’ll know when I do)!

For Inspiration


Inspiration is everywhere in the Art World, but also all around us. From the magic of children’s art to exhibits at unusual venues like a local zoo featuring recycled materials, inspiration is a part of life. Learning to see it merely takes a little time and experience.

Why not take a moment, say “Yes!” to yourself and sign up for a little inspiration expressed in surprising ways?

For Reviews (of All Sorts!)


Whether you are looking for storage ideas, a new book to inspire your kids (or yourself!), a way to clean erasers, or even a worksheet teaching kids how to use a glue bottle, The Poetry of Seeing can be a resource and help for you.

So, while I have started with a  few art supply reviews, sign up so you don’t miss out when other reviews are released!

For Local Art Classes

tPoS_badges_classesKids. Grandkids. Nieces and/or Nephews. Or, all of the above! My home-studio classes for children and teens serve those in Southern New Jersey and Pennsylvania. For more information visit

Keep up-to-date with my class offerings. Sign up to receive email updates (click ‘Follow My Blog’ at top left) or “Like” The Poetry of Seeing. Two easy ways to bring art into a child’s life!


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