Coloring for Stress Relief

Coloring books for adults? You bet! Get some markers or colored pencils and get to work saying goodbye to stress!I came across an interesting article recently about using coloring as a way to de-stress. I was so intrigued that I plan on purchasing a coloring book for adults to give it a try. When I say the book is for adults, let’s just say it requires advanced hand-eye control to handle the small spaces and quite a bit of perseverance to make it through the large number of areas to color. But, that’s the whole point.

Researchers state the benefits of coloring are experienced because they engage different areas of the brain. Psychologist Gloria Martinez Ayala notes,

“The action involves both logic, by which we color forms [sic], and creativity, when mixing and matching colors. This incorporates the areas of the cerebral cortex involved in vision and fine motor skills [coordination necessary to make small, precise movements]. The relaxation that it provides lowers the activity of the amygdala, a basic part of our brain involved in controlling emotion that is affected by stress.”

That’s fancy talk for what happens when we focus on something other than our worries. Who knew?! Another article discusses similar findings.

Coloring for Adults, Really?

Yes, coloring for adults! Now, not everybody has fond memories of coloring when they were young. My own son was not a fan of coloring when he was younger because of eye issues he was having. Presently, though, he is able to enjoy coloring … and does a good job for someone who isn’t naturally drawn to the activity. (Thanks Dr. Gallaway and Vision Therapy!)

So, if you are not one who has positive feelings about coloring from some scarring experience when you were younger. Take this as an opportunity to heal those wounds.

Options to Try

Coloring books for adults? You bet! Get some markers or colored pencils and get to work saying goodbye to stress!There are a variety of coloring books on Amazon that you can purchase that will take you out of yourself. Simply doing a search for “Coloring Books for Stress Relief” will reveal this freshness of this market.

You can also try Pinterest for printables online. Here’s a page full of free printable mandalas I found that you can experiment with before jumping into a 70-page coloring book!

Check out the low reviews for complaints so you get a balanced perspective. Even though these are ‘just coloring books’ they are not cheap. Reading a both positive and negative reviews will help you find the coloring book perfect for you!

Tips on Coloring

Colored pencils are fine option to use on your adult coloring book.Even if you want to tackle an online page for the fun of it, be mindful of what you use to do your coloring. After all, you do not want to increase your stress, right? Therefore, do not attempt coloring with crayons. They simply can’t handle the small spaces. I used colored pencils because I had a couple of quality sets at home, but you can also use markers. If you use markers, you will need a brush-tipped marker to get satisfying results. A variety of colors is helpful too. I would look for a 20-marker set. March into your local AC Moore or Michael’s with a 50% coupon and you can walk away with a good set for well under $10.

So, what are you waiting for? Get to coloring an stop stressing!

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