Artist Spotlight: The Whimsy of Everyday Stuff Made Extraordinary by Javier Perez

Javier Perez makes use of everyday objects and transforms them into creative illustrations.

Javier Perez, a graphic designer and audiovisual producer from Guayaquil, Ecuador, grew up a curious boy with a deep longing to be part of the world around him. According to an article in El Universo, Perez trained in both web and graphic design. He struggled to find his way professionally feeling a his work was not good, but eventually found his own way in the design world through a series of graphics competitions.

Perez is known online as cintascotch. In addition to his presence on Facebook and Twitter, Perez’s efforts online include projects on Tumblr and Instagram.

With Javier Perez, you find a synergy between imagination and the everyday. I encourage you to be inspried and check out his work!

Always remember that we have an inner child who wants to have fun and play.

Work Samples

You can see more of Javier Perez’s work on his various sites. Here are a couple of his pieces to pique your interest:

Javier Perez's Swing on a Grape Tree

Swing on a Grape Tree by Javier Perez

Javier Perez's Vitrioflor

Vitrioflor by Javier Perez

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