Blessings (Vignette 3)


Blessing Today

At my present school, there are children whose family will move late in the year causing me to get students as late as April or May. The following interaction happened when a new First Grader was getting to know me last month and we started working together.

Lauren: “Mr. Phillips, could you help me?”

Me: “Sure, what’s up?”

(We spend the next few minutes talking about what she was doing and where she seemed to be struggling.)

Me: “Are you confused by anything I have said?”

Lauren: “Nope. Thanks, Mr. Phillips.”

Me: “Sure thing!”

Lauren: “Mr. Phillips?”

Me: “Yes, Lauren.”

Lauren: “I’ve never had a man art teacher before.”

Me: “Oh, really?”

Lauren: “I kinda like it.”

Me: “Well, thank you, Lauren.”

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